Shift Chick Lit

July 11, 2018

I've been working on one of my books recently (okay, I've been working on three at once) and was going back and forth about whether to publish it under my name or a pen name. It was causing me a bit of consternation. Originally, I wrote a bunch of women's fiction just to see if I could do it while threading these slightly different themes through the books. I wanted to make my philosophy easy to digest, and fiction seemed like a good vehicle for that. Well, I can write women's fiction, so it would seem. The problem, I thought, was that I didn't view myself as a women's fiction writer. I thought of myself as a metaphysician. 


In any case, while I was going back and forth about the pen name, I decided that it wasn't that I needed a pen name. What I needed was a home for the books. I needed a genre that reflected my unique philosophical perspective. Since I couldn't find a genre that fit me, I created my own. It's called "shift chick lit." It's chick lit (women's fiction with snarky, self-confident protagonists), containing underlying themes about the shift in consciousness. Perhaps, it'll start a trend and others will follow suit.


Thus, next year I'll publish the first few books in the shift chick lit genre, beginning with "Dr. Fallon's Soiree," maybe sooner if the heavens align.


Get ready. The shift chick lit genre is like potato chips. You can't read just one. I hope you're hungry.


The Sweetest Regards,


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