The Paradigm Shift

May 26, 2018


We're in a paradigm shift right now. Not a lot of people know that. Most people believe that things are simply chaotic. They may have their personal philosophies for why things are chaotic, but they don't know that it's due to a paradigm shift. So, if what I'm saying is true, and it is, then what's a paradigm shift?


A paradigm shift is when we expand our assumptions about the nature of reality. When we expand our assumptions about the nature of reality we cover a larger spectrum of ideas. At present, as a collective, we assume separation as a fundamental aspect of the nature of reality. This limits the spectrum of ideas available to us because we believe in boundaries. We believe in separate species and separate objects and separate planets and separate galaxies and separate electrons and so forth. All of these things have boundaries. In a very real way, that's already the old paradigm.


The new paradigm is one of no separation. At present, we're in the process of moving into the understanding that everything is action within an interconnected and unified context. Even these words express too much separation. The expanded assumption as we shift paradigms will be that there's no separation anywhere in the multiverse. What we see as separate things and people and so forth are different actions within a unified climate or atmosphere or playing field. This is an enormous change in perspective. It's the flippity flip of how we've been programmed to think about reality.


Here's how it's implemented. Imagine that you have a piece of paper, and for every action that you take you have a list of reasons that you write on that piece of paper for why you take that action. Your reasons are your "why" for what you're doing. As individuals, we pull out that piece of paper, metaphorically, every time we talk to someone and explain ourselves--why we work at that job, why we hate that person, why we can't go on that trip, why we think what we think about politics, religion, and culture. We're constantly focused on, and discussing, the things on that piece of paper, and those reasons form permissions and boundaries for our behavior. 


Now, the paradigm shift is about removing that piece of paper so that you can no longer use it to justify your actions. During this shift, every action is seen transparently for what it is without excuse or reason or justification to back it up. The action that you take is what it is, despite your reasons, and everyone knows it. This is the paradigm shift. This expands our possibilities because we're no longer forming restrictions through permissions and boundaries on our behavior.


This ability to see actions for what they are, despite what people claim those actions are, is an automatic thing. You don't have to do anything to gain this ability. It's happening right now on its own. You're beginning to see and feel more of what's really going on, no matter what other people are telling you is going on, and even if you don't want to see the reality underlying those actions. You can't help but widen your perceptions. It's a biological process, and you can find mountains of information about why and how this is happening. Some biologists label it "DNA upgrades" or the "junk DNA coming online." It doesn't matter how you phrase it--ascension, a paradigm shift, biological mutation, whatever--it's happening. As a species, we're in the process of perceiving more.


The reason that I wrote my book was to help people get the rules down for how this new paradigm functions so that individuals can position themselves and understand what's happening. If people are making choices, but they can no longer justify their choices, there's a feeling of profound exposure, and you see kickback in the form of defense and aggression. When masses of people are having these feelings, it gets chaotic. But it's chaos with a coherent purpose. If you understand the purpose, you can work with the process instead of fighting it.


Since you're reading this, you want to understand how to position yourself for less chaos. One way to do that is to ask yourself if you'd take an attitude if you couldn't justify that attitude with a reason. If your complete opposition to the government, for example, had no reason to support it, would you take that attitude?


"That's like saying don't have a reaction to what's happening in the world around me," you say.


That's right. We have to take the "re" out of "reaction." To keep sane, individuals have to act more and react less. It is, and it will be, very rough on people who don't make modifications to their behavior. If you stay on autopilot, doing what you've always done the way you've always done it, it's going to be unpleasant.


The paradigm shift is happening. The decades that are coming require tremendous flexibility of mind and heart. Anyone reading this has what it takes. I have faith in everyone to make these changes, though many won't. I sympathize because the changes are going to be monumental.





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