What Type of Information Do I Collect?

I collect your email.

How Do I Get Your Email?

You submit your email to me through a "submit your email" button.

Why Do I Collect Your Email?

I collect your email to send you an email about my latest blog or project or book.

How Do I Store Your Email? stores your email. They have their own servers, firewalls, and procedures. I trust them, but I have no control over how they implement these things.

What Do I Do With Your Email?

I use your email address to send you an email. I don't share your email with third parties or sell your email or any such nonsense.

Do I Collect Other Personal Information?

I don't collect other information.  

However, the "canned" blogging software on this site, tracks the number of people who visit the site and the blog and where they're from. You can also leave comments through the blog, so the blogging software stores that data, as well. stores this software and all of its functions. I have no need for any of that data other than in an "oh, that's interesting" way, and that's the only way I use it.

How Can You Withdraw Your Information?

You can send me a gmail at standishsamantha, and I'll be happy to take you off the email list.

Or you can simply unsubscribe from the emails I send you.

Future Actions:

I may change this privacy policy at any time, and I may delete my email subscriber list or my blog at any time. I only collect the emails and blog as a convenience to the sweet people who follow my work.


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