A Quick Study


Here's my take on a few popular terms that are used to describe what's happening on the planet right now.


"The Shift in Consciousness," or "The Shift," is a term used to describe a global change in perspective. People are redefining reality, and this "shifts" their perspective.

For instance, in the past, it was a commonly accepted practice to define matter as solid. Now, we're defining matter as motion. As we change how we define reality, we change everything else. It changes what humans do and how they do it.

Another way to describe this shift in perspective is to say that we're changing our definitions to match the actual mechanics of the dimension itself. You could say that our definitions are becoming "more true."

In essence, we're preparing ourselves, as a planet, to experience a more expanded reality. 


"New Earth" is a term that people use to describe the actual, physical experience of having shifted your assumptions about the nature of reality. Literally, you're seeing different matter. The construction itself is different because the observer is different.

An analogy (an incomplete one, but one that gives some gist to the subject) is the existence and experience of an object. Someone places an object in front of you and tells you that it's evil and a bad omen. Someone places the same object in front of you and tells you that it's sacred, special, and will bring you great fortune. You'll choose to believe one of the stories. The story that you attach to the object will determine your experience of the object itself, and it will also determine the events that you experience while in the presence of that object.

Now, the object itself isn't the story you tell about it. The object is a geometry. Its nature is neutral. The story that you tell about the object is what creates your experience of it. That story will dictate what you do with the object and how you behave around it. It will determine the probabilities related to that object.

The same is true for the Earth and how we perceive it. The stories we tell determine our experience of it. We can tell new stories and experience the Earth differently. Many people are doing this now. They're telling a new story about Earth and experiencing a New Earth.


Many people have dubbed this transitional time we're in "The Great Awakening." They're calling it this because as a species it's as if we've been asleep, psychologically. Our psychological processes are changing, and the new perspective feels like an awakened state.

As a culture, because we haven't developed extensive apparatus to measure psychological energy, we're not aware of the magnitude of its power. We think that our perspective has very little importance on the world around us when, in fact, it frames what and how we perceive physical matter. It's the filter for what we see.

That filter is now changing. As it loses some of its "thickness," we see more clearly. We gain a more expanded view of the world around us. This is both an empowering and a shocking experience. When you see more, you see more of the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant, and it takes some time to assimilate the new view. Seeing more upsets assumptions, and there's a discomfort involved in viewing the world in a new manner.

In everyday life, waking up in the morning with a sudden jolt is unnerving. It's more comforting to drift slowly out of sleep and back into the waking state. The same process is involved in changing your assumptions about life. You acclimate to the new awareness over a period of time, and then you're awake to different assumptions and different realities. The key is to have patience with the transitional phase.


"The Event" is a popular term for a galactic influx of energy that upgrades everyone on Earth all at once and makes the paradigm shift faster and easier.

Humans like a good drama, especially if that drama lets them "get out of school," so to speak. So, they're attracted to ideas of being saved by [aliens, governments, religious figures, technologies, systems of thought, etc.], or they like the idea of a good apocalypse or some other form of end of times/beginning of times event that's going to change everything across the board in one fell swoop. It's less tiresome than the effort involved in adopting a new perspective.

Theoretically, an external world event can happen because existence itself is limitless. However, the changes that we're going through as a species, and as a dimension, are measured. So, change happening all at once isn't practical or even desirable for that matter. It's better to assimilate the changes the way that you eat pistachios--one small bit at a time. Even these bits of change are fast and increasing in speed. 

The paradigm shift itself is a dependable event because we're in it already. This event is the shift from the idea that individuality means fundamental separation to the idea that individuality means fundamental unity. The more amenable you are to the expansive version of individuality, the easier this process of change will be for you personally.


"The Age of Transparency" is a phrase used to describe the nature of the changes that are happening right now. These changes enable you to "see" everything. Some people say "time is speeding up" or "you can't hide from the light" to describe the same phenomena.

Think of it like this. We live in a dimension of form. Form is movement. If you speed up the rate at which the form moves, it changes the shape of that form.

As an analogy, if you take a metal plate and scatter sand across its surface and hook it up to a speaker, the sound will move the sand into a pattern. If you increase the sound, the sand will move into a different pattern. You could say that our entire dimension is being moved into a different pattern now because it's resonating a bit faster.

As this happens, certain things that we're "hidden," as it were, become "visible." In practical terms, you can't hide anything in this new era. Humans have to acclimate to being more open and learn how to express themselves honestly in order to keep up with the changes.


"Ascension symptoms" is a term used to describe the physical symptoms associated with the process of acclimating to the changes that are happening to the physical Earth.

It helps to think of these things in terms of patterns. Ideas, for example, are electrical patterns that mix with the electrical patterns of the body. When you focus on an idea that has you worried, for instance, you might furrow your bow, tighten your jaw, and tense your shoulders because the pattern of worry is incongruent with the regular electrical patterns of the body. If you were wise, you'd cultivate ideas that worked well with the body's normal electrical patterns. This same logic applies to what's happening on the Earth itself.

The physical atmosphere we live in fosters certain patterns and repels others. It has now changed, so your body has to acclimate. Your ideas have to change, as well, so that they function in harmony with the new patterns of the body. There's a kind of cascade in effect.

One way to look at this is in terms of speed. The atmosphere is resonating faster which means it's carrying more information, and your body and your ideas have to be able to handle the greater volumes of information, surrounding you. Some people feel this acclimation process as changes in their digestion, buzzing head, hands, and feet, accelerations in their heart rate, headaches, and so forth. Often, these symptoms require adjustments in diet, pace, activities, habits, and attitudes.

One of the most telling ascension symptoms is "waking up" to new insights because you now have access to more information. You see more of what you're doing, what other people are doing, and what's going on in the world, leading, often times, to agitation, irritation, dissatisfaction, and even astonishment because you're now seeing what you believe should have been obvious all along. Like the physical adjustments, it takes time and patience to assimilate to the wider awareness. So, it's done in stages. Your greatest tool is to allow yourself to slow down and take a breather more often than you might have done in the past. It helps to develop a personal method that works well for you because these "upgrades," as it were, are going to be continuous.


A "lightworker" is a popular term for someone who consciously radiates light. They're people who broadcast a faster frequency through their body (you would feel this as "being in a good mood" or being "optimistic") in an effort to increase the amount of information in this dimension.

Light is motion. The faster the motion, the more information is present. The slower the motion, the less information is present. The greatest amount of information that you can radiate through you is when you're in a state of appreciation because appreciation moves very quickly. 

Any idea that unifies carries a huge amount of light, and any idea that separates carries much less light. A lightworker that complains about all of the people still "asleep" is not a lightworker in that moment, and a person that knows nothing of these terms but is enjoying the act of cleaning their car is, in that moment, a lightworker.

Everyone's a lightworker at one time or another. However, adopting the idea that all people and things are unified means that you're carrying that frequency into the world in a much more powerful capacity, and it makes your "lightwork" more of a profession.

Pole shift


In the metaphysical community, you'll hear talk of a "pole shift" that changes the world. Sometimes, people have dreams or visions of this pole shift happening suddenly and violently, and the Earth's physical poles reverse. These are all interpretations of what's happening within each individual. We're shifting paradigms, and that can be experienced and symbolized in many different ways.

At present, our world culture has assumed separation. This gives rise to polarity--good/bad, right/wrong, us/them. It gives rise to the idea of "sides" and out of that we've developed a system of priorities. In a polarized system, you'll have one of two priorities. Either the outside (the physical world) will be primary, and the inside world (your emotions and inner experience) will be secondary, or it will be the reverse. The inside will be primary, and the outside will be secondary.

That polarization is now shifting. Instead of these elements being primary and secondary, they're going to sit side by side and work in cooperation, each holding equal priority. They're going to cooperate instead of dominate and subjugate. This is the true pole shift that's happening this century.

You're Equal


The ultimate primer for the shift in consciousness is my book, "You're Equal." I wrote it to help people navigate these times of transformation. I lay out the structure for the new paradigm.

Ultimately, every person has to decide whether their loyalty is with separation of oneity. In that sense, everyone has to pick a "side," and it will determine their experience of the paradigm shift.


© 2020 by Samantha Standish.